ATRIA is way more than a residential complex in a truly exclusive location.

ATRIA is both your home and your happy place. Your ideal ambience for good life and positive vibrations.

Your very own heaven a step away from magical Zvezdara forest.


With its authentic architecture and unique environment, ATRIA Residence redefines the concept of comfortable lifestyle in an urban surrounding. The complex, designed to the highest standards, rises on the location at which the city harmoniously coexists with the nature, providing you with the luxury of having a park-forest as your backyard, all the while at the vicinity of the city center.

85 functionally organized apartments distributed in 4 divisions, with 5 green atriums at the complex center, 125 garage spaces, 6 retail spaces, spa center with the longest private pool in the city and modern, fully-equipped gym – ATRIA Residence has all the amenities needed for a comfortable family life.


Illuminated by natural light, beautiful airy ambients are the basis of a high standard of living. Research has proven that living space filled with natural lighting helps people to be happier, healthier, calmer and more productive.

“The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be.”

Two-sided or three-sided oriented, ATRIA Residence apartments provide the luxury of being surrounded by natural light and lush green vegetation, with magnificent view of the city, magical park-forest and green atriums.


Green spaces derive positive effect on the surroundings by influencing the microclimate and relieving the climate extremes; they increase the humidity, regulate the wind force, protect from the excessive insolation, filter the air and absorb noise and gaseous pollutants.

Designed to meet all your needs, ATRIA Residence is located in one of the most beautiful and verdant parts of the city. Splendid park-forest and the amenities necessary for a comfortable family life are within your reach. City center is close by yet far enough away to not disturb your privacy and much needed peace and quiet.

Surrounded by nature, we brought a part of it to the center of the complex, distributing the vegetation to the five atriums which, aside from its beautiful vistas, provide natural ventilation and additional natural light.


Metropolitan life quality is not defined by cultural contents alone, opportunities for educational and intellectual growth, but with the activities necessary for physical and mental health maintenance. With its arranged tracks for walking, jogging, bike and roller riding, its football and tennis courts, the Zvezdara park-forest is one of the largest and most beautiful city forests, ideal for relaxation and recreation in the fresh air.

Located on one of the hills of Belgrade, at the altitude of 254 meters, Zvezdara park-forest dominates the eastern part of the city. Because of its location, at the present site of Observatory, king Peter I of Serbia had planned to build royal court. Military strategists had dissuaded him from the idea, since the court would have been the easy target for Austrian gunboats on the Danube river. If the times had been less turbulent, royal palace would have been located in Zvezdara instead of Dedinje.


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